Lincoln Wood restaurant owner accused of strangling, hiding body of pregnant woman in Chicago

A 46-year-old Lincoln Wood restaurant owner has been charged with strangling a Chicago woman who was eight months pregnant with her child and then hiding her body.

Cook County Judge Mary Malvio denied bail for Yaer Shen, 46, at a hearing streamed live on YouTube on Thursday.

Shen has been charged with first-degree murder, intentional murder of an unborn child, and covering up a murder, according to Chicago police.

The victim, 40-year-old Villian Huang, was last seen on Oct. 9 in the 3000 block of South Rock Street near the city’s Chinatown district, according to prosecutors and Chicago missing persons reports. Fang’s body was found earlier this week in suburban Stickney.

According to prosecutors, the two were dating, but on the afternoon of October 9, they left Shen’s restaurant in Lincolnwood, drove to Shen’s house, and started arguing about money.

Shen entered the house where he lived with his ex-wife and children, and Fang walked to the front porch and began sobbing. According to prosecutors, Shen and Huang got into his car again after his ex-wife told him there was a “crying woman” on the porch.

According to prosecutors, around 10:50 p.m., Fang used Shen’s cell phone to call his 14-year-old daughter after Shen broke her daughter’s cell phone during a fight the previous day. Fang asked her daughter to contact one of her Fang friends to pick her up at 36th Street and her Avenue in California, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, after a friend went there but couldn’t find Fang, the teenager called again and Shen replied that Fang “can go if she wants.”

When Fang called her daughter again, the teen heard Shen arguing with Fang, prosecutors said. Her daughter called her third time after midnight, but no one answered.

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According to prosecutors, the two continued to fight when Shen started driving, and after Fang slapped him in the face, Shen began to strangle her with his hand. However, after they continued to fight and Shen began to worry that Fang would call the police, he was said to have choked her again, causing her to fall unconscious.

According to prosecutors and the Cook County Coroner’s Office, after holding his breath and attempting to perform CPR, Shen dumped his body in Stickney’s water reclamation area, covered it with branches, and pulled a pink jacket over a tree. Thrown into the overgrown area.

Detectives used cell phone data to track his whereabouts that night and obtained videos of Shen at various points. These include his I-55 in Southbound and near Morton College near the football field. Shen stayed there for about 45 minutes before heading to Stickney, after which he went home. the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said her body was found using the same cell phone data, and police found her pink jacket. It contained her ID, keys, cash and a handwritten note in Cantonese signed by Shen. I’m not a nice person I tormented you I was deceived. I know it would be irresponsible to break up with you. I hope we don’t meet in another life. ”

An autopsy Tuesday found Fang died of multiple injuries from the assault and her death was ruled a homicide. It was found that if the baby had been born at that time, he would have survived, and the death was ruled murder.

While in custody, Shen told police that he had done something “very bad” and wanted to commit suicide, but he couldn’t and didn’t turn up because he was afraid of going to jail, prosecutors said.

Shen is scheduled to appear in court on November 11th. Lincoln Wood restaurant owner accused of strangling, hiding body of pregnant woman in Chicago

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