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Judge rejects CPD officer’s request to move Jan. 6 trial out of Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC — A federal judge in Washington, DC has rejected a request by a Chicago police officer to change his upcoming criminal trial. January 6, 2021 riot — outside the nation’s capital.

CPD’s Karol Chuwisiuk, who was charged with five misdemeanors after thousands of former President Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol two years ago, is set to go on trial on May 1.

last December, Federal prosecutors have charged Chwiesiuk’s sisterallegedly joined Chwiesiuk when he entered the Houses of Parliament.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Colleen Collier-Cottery rejected a motion filed by the Chwiesiuk brothers seeking to move the trial from Washington, D.C., to other federal court districts in the country, with the exception of the Northern District of Illinois.

In filing the motion, Chwiesiuks’ attorney, Nishay Sanan, pointed to significant media coverage of the riots and news articles focused on Chwiesiuk’s employment at the CPD.

Kollar-Kotelly, in denying the allegations, wrote: But the fact that some reports can be “hostile in tone and accusatory in content”[t]The overwhelming amount of material submitted consists of candid and sober factual accounts of events. ”

Chwiesiuk was arrested and charged in June 2021. five misdemeanors Deliberately enter or remain on restricted buildings or grounds without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.public prosecutor offered him a plea bargain Last year he turned it down.

After his arrest, Chwiesiuk was deprived of police powers and placed in an unpaid position while the CPD launched its own internal investigation.

https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/judge-denies-cpd-officers-request-to-move-jan-6-trial-out-of-washington-d-c/ Judge rejects CPD officer’s request to move Jan. 6 trial out of Washington DC

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