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Joint Base Andrews residential area breached and set on fire by intruders

Washington — Another intruder broke into the home of Air Force One, one of the country’s most sensitive military bases, and this time residents opened fire on the intruders, Joint Base Andrews said late Monday. said in

“A man gained unauthorized access to a JBA residential area” during the incident that occurred around 11:30 a.m. Monday, Joint Base Andrews said in a statement posted to Twitter. Security forces have arrived on the scene to arrest the intruders, and law enforcement is investigating the incident.”

Joint Base Andrews is home to blue and white presidential aircraft, including Air Force One, Marine One, and the “Doomsday” 747 aircraft that serve as the United States’ air core command and control center when needed.

The Air Force said late Monday it had nothing to add beyond Andrews’ statement about Monday’s intrusion.

This isn’t the first time the base’s security has been breached.

Last March, an armed 17-year-old man was arrested after driving through a security checkpoint at the base’s main gate with another person, prompting a lockdown on the base. was able to escape.

Male, February 2021 passed through a military checkpoint You will then access the flight line through an additional fenced and secure area and board the C-40. The C-40 is a military 737-equivalent aircraft used to fly government personnel.

that intruder Arrested for the ‘mouse ear’ cap he was wearing I found the observant aviator strange.

The Inspector General’s investigation found three major security flaws. One of them is “human error” by the guard at the gate who allowed a car into the base even though he didn’t have the credentials to allow access. A few hours later, the man slipped through a fence designed to limit entry and stepped onto the flight line unnoticed. Finally, he boarded and disembarked from the parked plane without being challenged, even though he was not wearing the required badge to allow access to the restricted area.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joint-base-andrews-housing-area-breached-by-intruder-and-shots-fired/ Joint Base Andrews residential area breached and set on fire by intruders

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