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Indiana highway named most feared in the state; survey

(WTVO) — A recent survey has unveiled which route Indiana drivers are most scared to take.

The survey by Gunter Mitsubishi complied the results from 3,000 road trippers. They said that US Route 41 is the worst in Indiana, ranking number 29 out of 50 overall across the country.

The highway runs along the Illinois-Indiana border, first opened in 1926, according to Maps of World. The 2,000-mile-long route will carry drivers from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan all the way to Miami, Florida, passing through eight states along the way: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Route 41 is mostly rural on this part of its journey, according to Roadnow. By staying away from highly populated areas, drivers might be afraid that help will be a long time coming if they need it.

Part of the road is getting upgraded, however. A $19.1 million project will reconfigure the interchange in downtown Evansville into a full-cloverleaf design, according to the Indiana Department of Transportation. It will also “eliminate two at-grade stoplights from the Lloyd Expressway, enhance traffic capacity, improve mobility, and increase safety.”

https://www.mystateline.com/news/national/indiana-highway-named-most-feared-in-the-state-survey/ Indiana highway named most feared in the state; survey

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