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Illusionist David Blaine injured during Las Vegas show

Las Vegas (class) — “Extreme Illusionist” David Blaine was injured during a performance in Las Vegas on Saturday, according to a news release.

Blaine, who was performing at the Resorts World Theater, was injured after jumping 80 feet into a pile of boxes.

Blaine is well known for his mind-bending stunts.

He is then heard screaming in pain.

Another angle of Blaine’s stunt shows how far it fell.

His agent said Blaine dislocated his right shoulder during a stunt. An orthopedic surgeon in the crowd along with the show’s EMS team was able to reposition his shoulder on stage in front of the audience and the performance was able to continue.

According to a Resorts World news release, Blaine was “distressed, but in good spirits.”

“My Las Vegas residency is filled with magic acts that I love and stunts that push me beyond my limits,” Blaine said. “I’ve been training most of my life, but there’s an unspoken danger when you push yourself to make the seemingly impossible possible.”

The performance will continue April, May, June.

Blaine has been injured during a stunt. While preparing for his TV show Beyond Magic, Blaine tried to put the bullet in his mouthThe trick went awry when the metal cup that was supposed to help him catch bullets slipped off the gum shield he was wearing. I ripped.

https://wgntv.com/news/national/illusionist-david-blaine-injured-during-las-vegas-performance/ Illusionist David Blaine injured during Las Vegas show

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