Illinois legislators earn the highest salaries in the country

Springfield, Illinois (WTVO) — Illinois legislators will receive a $12,000 pay raise in 2023, making them the fourth-highest-paid legislators in the nation.

by Illinois Policy Institutestarting salaries for part-time legislators are now $85,000 a year, an increase of 18%.

The average US Congressman earns $34,348 a year.

The increase was part of the $46.5 billion budget signed by Gov. JB Pritzker last year. Pritzker doesn’t get paid, but the governor’s new salary is $205,700 a year. The Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer all get him a 14% raise, while the Attorney General and Secretary of State he gets an 11% raise. The incoming congressman’s base salary is $85,000, which is an 18% increase for him.

Pritzker said the bill was inspired by the need to keep the salaries of agency directors competitive with the private sector.

He defended the bill, saying it was important to keep civil servants close to private sector jobs, and many positions hadn’t had a pay raise in over a decade.

The bill was largely opposed by Republicans in both houses of Congress, with some calling it an “insult to the hardworking people of our state.”

Illinois legislators receive an additional stipend of up to $155 per day while in session, and additional stipends ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 annually for serving in leadership roles or on major committees. increase.

New York State boasts some of the highest salaries for legislators in the nation.

In Illinois, Highest State and Local Tax Rates in the United States, second highest property taxand the Second highest gas tax.

According to a recent report, Illinois is one of the two states that spends more than it earns, despite having one of the highest taxes in the nation.

Illinois, like New Jersey, has a tax underpayment of over 5% of total spending. analysis By The Pew Charitable Trust Show.

Neighboring Indiana and Iowa both have surpluses of over 3%. Illinois legislators earn the highest salaries in the country

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