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Illinois Latino leaders condemn former LA Council president’s racist remarks.

Chicago — in 2 days Resigns as Speaker of the Los Angeles City CouncilNuri Martinez announced on Wednesday that she too will be stepping down from her council seat.

The move comes after Martinez and other council members were recorded having a conversation using offensive and racist language.

The scandal prompted Latino leaders in Illinois to denounce Martinez’s comments and demand that members of the Los Angeles City Council address their misconduct.

Illinois Senator Christina Pacione Zayas (D-20) said:

Illinois Representative Jesús ‘Chuy’ García (IL-04) added:

Martinez made racist remarks and other crude comments about the black son of a white congressman. Her resignation statement did not address those comments, but in words directed at her daughter she said: As proud as she is, she vows to strive to be a better woman. ”

Pacione-Zayas argues that “Brown power cannot build on undermining black and indigenous communities because ‘we are them and they are us’, We don’t even build it,” he said.

“We also call for restorative justice by these individuals to raise awareness and show that there is a way forward after a person has done harm,” added Garcia.

Aldo. Roberto Maldonado (26th Ward said he was sad and outraged to hear about the hateful conversations. rice field.

“The only way we can do it is to respect each other and not take the ego trip that one group is better than the other,” Maldonado said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

https://wgntv.com/politics-3/illinois-latino-leaders-denounce-former-la-council-presidents-racist-remarks/ Illinois Latino leaders condemn former LA Council president’s racist remarks.

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