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Illinois 9-year-old boy shot dead at birthday party

Franklin Park, Illinois (WTVO) – A 9-year-old Illinois boy was shot dead Saturday while playing outside at his birthday party.

The incident happened around 10:15 p.m. on Block 2800 in Elder Lane, the newspaper said. Franklin Park Village. Ulysses Campos, 9, was at his grandmother’s party when gunfire rang out.

Campos was playing with other children in a nearby alley when the commotion broke out. According to the village, about four to six shots were fired from a moving car, hitting Campos.

No one else was injured.

Campos was taken to a local hospital with injuries, but was pronounced dead there.

Those involved are currently in custody. Please provide any information regarding this incident to the Franklin Park Police Department at (847) 678-2444.

https://www.mystateline.com/news/local-news/9-year-old-illinois-boy-shot-dead-at-birthday-party/ Illinois 9-year-old boy shot dead at birthday party

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