IDOT considers electric vehicle tax to offset lost gas tax revenue

Peoria, Illinois (WTVO) — As the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles, the Illinois Department of Transportation is considering taxing EV charging stations to offset the expected loss of revenue from fuel sales. says.

The state gas tax now funds many of Illinois’ road and bridge projects.

IDOT Transport Director Omer Osman said the agency is considering several ways to tax EV drivers to make up for the expected shortfall when EVs hit the roads again. That’s what I mean.

“Someone will have to come up with another mechanism for us eventually, maybe gradually,” he said at an Illinois Newscaster Conference. WCBU.

One of the proposals is the inclusion of tax at the charging station or the inclusion of tax at the dealer when purchasing the vehicle.

“I don’t think you can really take anything off the table,” he said.

For electric vehicles, Illinois charges an additional $100 on top of the annual cost. License plate renewal fee instead of paying motor fuel tax.

Illinois is now trying to encourage owners to buy electric vehicles. $4,000 rebate from the purchase price.

The clean energy policy signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker includes: goal 1 million EVs on the road by 2030.

The Biden administration has awarded $53.7 million to Illinois. Building an electric vehicle charging network along state highways.

The funding, established by the bipartisan infrastructure law, will allow Illinois to install approximately 2,573 public charging ports every 50 miles along 1,562 miles of interstate highway.

Illinois currently has 1,005 publicly accessible charging stations, but only 96 fast charging stations. Of those, the plan reports that only 21 support the power levels required by the federal government.

Governor Pritzker signed the bill It was designed to attract EV manufacturers to Illinois.

Illinois is already developing electric vehicles, and Rivian built the first-ever battery-powered electric pickup truck at a former Mitsubishi factory in Normal.

Last year, Governor Pritzker announced the creation of two new manufacturing training academies in Illinois. This includes the first-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Manufacturing Training Academy, dedicated to training the Illinois workforce for careers in the EV industry. IDOT considers electric vehicle tax to offset lost gas tax revenue

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