Idaho Murder Suspect Brian Coberger Willingly Abandon Extradition Hearing, Lawyer Says

man officials say Murdered four University of Idaho students In November, his lawyer told CBS News that he was prepared to waive an extradition hearing. Brian CobergerThe 28-year-old is scheduled to face a judge at a hearing on Tuesday.

Coberger will have to sign papers in front of a judge on Tuesday, according to Monroe County chief public defender Jason Lover.

Four victims — Ethan Chapin, 20, from Conway, Washington. Xana Kernodle, 20, from Avondale, Arizona. Madison Morgen, 21, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. and her Kaylee Goncalves, 21, from Rathdrum, Idaho, died Nov. 13 in the house Kernodle, Mogen, and Goncalves shared with her two other roommates. was found to exist.

Authorities announced Coberger’s arrest The incident, which took place on Friday, has drawn national attention and sparked plenty of speculation on social media over the past six weeks.

“I think the state of Idaho is already ready to transfer him, because obviously there’s a lot of attention for this case,” Lavers said.

Coberger could be back in the state in as little as 72 hours from the hearing, depending on when Idaho officials can arrive, he said.

Lava, who said he was only acting as Coberger’s extradition agent, said the process would give authorities 10 days to retrieve him.

“But I would imagine it would happen pretty quickly,” he said.

Police have announced arrests for the murder of four University of Idaho students.


Idaho officials said Friday that Coberger, who was arrested in Pennsylvania on a fugitive warrant, faces four counts of first-degree murder and felony robbery.Moscow Police Chief James Fry said Friday , said state law limits the amount of information about an investigation because the statement of probable cause will be sealed until Coberger appears in court in Idaho.

LaBar said on Saturday it had no details of the investigation to share.

“I specifically told him because I am only acting as his agent on extradition matters. I am not going to actually discuss this case, except as it entails an extradition hearing. I have no probable cause. I don’t have an affidavit for , just like everyone else,” LaBar said. Idaho Murder Suspect Brian Coberger Willingly Abandon Extradition Hearing, Lawyer Says

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