How to keep car seats cool in the summer heat

Austin (Kusan) – Jumping in the car on a hot summer day can rattle even the most unfazed of us.

It’s certainly uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous. On a warm day, your car can quickly heat up to lethal levels, even with the windows partially closed.

For parents looking to lower heat levels so their kids don’t get burned in their car seats, Nexstar’s KXAN meteorologist Kristen Curry shared some tips.

white towel

Black absorbs the most heat of any color, so put a white towel over the dark seat or car seat to keep it a little cooler.

The towel can also prevent the seat buckle from getting hot and burning you or your child.

cooling towel

Consider investing in a cooling towel that you can take from home to your car when you’re out and about. These towels can keep you cool longer than cloth towels, and they can cool you down in extreme heat.


Keep sunshades and widow tints on your car windows.

These devices block 90-95% of UV rays from entering your car and help keep your car seats cool.

More than 30 children died of heatstroke in cars last year, according to the government. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Baby died in May after Florida police announced parents I left her in the hot car for about 3 hours. while they go to church. Two-year-old in Florida, early March Boy allegedly died after being left in car for hours by father. The boy was later pronounced dead in hospital and charges were filed against his father.

An Alabama father was arrested at the end of February. Suspicion of forgetting to send 2-year-old child to nursery school I left it in the car for a few hours instead. The child subsequently died. How to keep car seats cool in the summer heat

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