How to check if your car has a recall

Denver (KDVR) – “Don’t Drive” warnings have been issued for hundreds of thousands of vehicles from multiple manufacturers, including: fiat chrysler carHonda, Acura, fatalities due to faulty airbags.

Earlier this month, Honda issued an unrepaired Takata Alpha driver-side airbag inflator on select 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to “DO NOT DRIVE”. issued a warning. announced.

December, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Repeated “No Driving” warnings After several older models, including the Dodge Charger and Challenger, exploded when Takata airbags deployed in Fiat Chrysler vehicles, killing another person. He will be the third person to die in 2022 due to a Takata airbag recalled in a Fiat Chrysler sedan, and the total number of fatalities in vehicles involving such airbags in the past year is his. I’m the fifth person.

“Takata airbags that have been recalled without repair are becoming increasingly dangerous as the risk of explosion increases as vehicles age,” Acting NHTSA Administrator Ann Carlson said at the time. “Failing to replace recalled airbags every day puts you and your family at risk of injury or death.”

Some states, like Colorado, are notifying drivers who own affected vehicles. In Colorado alone he has more than 66,000 vehicles Nexstar’s KDVR Report – Regarding recalls.

If you haven’t been notified by your state, dealer, or automaker, here’s how to determine if you’re affected by this airbag recall and other manufacturer’s recalls.

How to check for vehicle recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said you can Check if your car has a recall by its use website.

Once on the website, you can enter your vehicle identification number or VIN to see if there is a safety recall.

Enter the VIN and the vehicle will load on the page.

of VIN search tool Shows if your vehicle has been affected by a vehicle safety recall within the last 15 calendar years.

What am I not seeing in the VIN lookup tool?

According to NHTSA, the VIN lookup tool will not display the following information:

  • Vehicles for which safety recalls have been repaired. If the vehicle has no open recalls, the message “He has 0 open recalls associated with this VIN” will be displayed.
  • Manufacturer customer service or other non-safety recall campaigns
  • international vehicle
  • Delays may occur due to the very recently announced safety recall where not all VINs have been identified. Please check back regularly as more VINs are continually added.
  • 15+ year safety recall (unless manufacturer offers more coverage)
  • Safety recalls conducted by smaller automakers, including some ultra-luxury brands and specialized applications

Where to find your vehicle’s VIN

VIN is a unique 17 character identifier for your vehicle.

NHTSA says you can find it on the bottom left of your car’s windshield. It is also listed on the vehicle registration card. It may also be listed on your insurance card.

Nexstar’s Michael Bartiromo contributed to this report. How to check if your car has a recall

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