Highland Park announces preliminary plans for 4th of July

HIGHLAND PARK, IL — City leaders in Highland Park have released preliminary plans for what this year’s Fourth of July event will look like.

“We wanted to move forward with Independence Day activities, but we also wanted to honor and honor the lives that were lost,” said Gida Neukirch, City Manager of Highland Park. increase.

A memorial service will be held at City Hall on the day at 10am, followed by a minute of silence at 10:14am for the first shots of the parade.

At 11:00 AM, a community walk takes place from City Hall down St. John’s Avenue to Central Avenue, ending at Sunset Woods Park. There will be no pre-planned lineups, floats or performers, according to city officials.

“We encourage individual participation,” says Neukirch. “We walk the same route as the parade, but this is an opportunity for the community to come together under the theme that we are Highland Park.”

A Community Picnic will be held at Sunset Woods Park at 11:30 AM with live performances, food, games and activities. Later that evening, there will be more music and entertainment at Walters Field.

Fireworks shows are usually the centerpiece of the 4th of July celebrations, but this year a different kind of show is planned.

“We have 150 drones that can write messages in the sky or display specific images in time with music,” says Neukirch.

For those not ready for the big crowds, the City of Highland Park’s Facebook page and YouTube channel will also provide a live stream of the day’s activities. Highland Park announces preliminary plans for 4th of July

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