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Gwyneth Paltrowski Clash Trial Set for Family Testimony | WGN Radio 720

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PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The two daughters of a retired optometrist suing Gwyneth Paltrow are set to testify on Thursday about the lasting effects of their father and Paltrow’s 2016 skiing collision before the hearing begins. takes increasingly personal notes on the third day of the procedure. .

Lawyers have called Polly Glasham and Shay Herath to the stands to claim the broken ribs he suffered after his father, Terry Sanderson, crashed at one of North America’s most exclusive ski resorts seven years ago. and persistent brain damage.

Neurologist Richard Boehm and Paltrow himself may also be called in to testify on Thursday or Friday.

Sanderson is suing Paltrow for $300,000, claiming he recklessly crashed into Paltrow while the two were skiing on a novice course at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. . In the counterclaim, Paltrow is seeking $1 and attorneys’ fees. The amount both sides are betting pales in comparison to the typical legal costs of multi-year lawsuits and trials with many expert witnesses.

During the first two days of the trial, Sanderson’s attorney and expert medical witnesses explained how the injuries were likely caused by someone hitting him from behind. , attributed the noticeable change in Sanderson’s mental acuity to injuries that day.

Paltrow’s attorneys have worked to portray Sanderson’s decline not as a result of a conflict with a celebrity client, but as a 76-year-old who went through a normal aging process. has not been called to testify, but plans to call Paltrow’s husband, Brad Falchuk, and her two children, Moses and Apple, in opening statements for the jury.

So far, they’ve been trying to poke holes in testimony from Sanderson’s team of experts, revealing his father’s mention of Paltrow’s fame and the undiscovered or uncontained Go Expected to question his two daughters about emails alluding to footage recorded with a Pro camera. Her team has previously accused Sanderson of filing the lawsuit to take advantage of Paltrow’s wealth and fame. Founder and CEO of the company Goop.

https://wgnradio.com/news/entertainment-news/gwyneth-paltrow-ski-collision-trial-set-for-family-testimony/ Gwyneth Paltrowski Clash Trial Set for Family Testimony | WGN Radio 720

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