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Germany: 5 prison sentences for €100 million jewelery robbery | Wagon Radio 720

BERLIN (AP) – A German court on Tuesday convicted five men of stealing more than 100 million euros worth of 18th-century jewelry from the Dresden Museum in 2019.

They were sentenced to prison sentences ranging from four years and four months to six years and three months, according to the German news agency dpa. One defendant was acquitted.

A Dresden State Court found that a man aged between 24 and 29 broke into the Green Vault Museum in the eastern German city on November 25, 2019 and stole 21 pieces of jewelry, including more than 4,300 diamonds. determined to be human. , with a total insured amount of at least €113.8 million ($129 million). Officials said at the time that the stolen items included a large diamond brooch and diamond epaulettes.

They were convicted of particularly aggravated arson combining dangerous personal injury, theft with a weapon, destruction of property and willful arson.

Shortly before breaking in, the men set fire to cut off the power to the streetlights outside the museum, set fire to a car in a nearby garage, and fled to Berlin. They were captured in a raid in Berlin a few months later.

In January, a plea bargain was struck between the defense, prosecutors and the court after most of the stolen jewelry was returned.

The four defendants agreed to the plea bargain and subsequently admitted to the crime through their lawyers. A fifth defendant also confessed, but only to procuring items such as axes to punch holes in museum display cases, the dpa reported.

The state of Saxony, where Dresden is located, was seeking in court damages of around €89 million for repairs to damaged and returned works, missing works, destroyed display cases and museum buildings.

The Green Vault is one of the oldest museums in the world. Founded in 1723, it houses the treasury of King Augustus the Strong of Saxony and holds about 4,000 items of gold, precious stones and other materials.

https://wgnradio.com/news/international/germany-5-sentenced-to-prison-for-100-million-euro-jewelry-heist/ Germany: 5 prison sentences for €100 million jewelery robbery | Wagon Radio 720

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