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Flight attendants fear for safety amid surge in unruly passengers

(new nation) — being a flight attendant means: dangerous and scary job,especially Recent Unruly Passengers.

just this week Disordered passenger arrested A flight attendant is allegedly stabbed in the neck with a broken metal spoon while trying to open the emergency door on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston.

A Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando had to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville, Florida. Smoke-filled cabin with lithium batteries The overhead compartment caught fire.

Sarah NelsonThe Association of Flight Attendants, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said that distractions created in the cabin undermine the ability of flight attendants to monitor the cabin for real emergencies, such as medical emergencies. rice field.

“Our job is very complex and we are first responders in the aviation industry,” said Nelson. “We are responding to emergencies on board … but since 9/11, we have been the last line of defense in aviation and aviation security. It really threatens our job of keeping it.”

She said these distractions in the cabin are extremely dangerous for everyone on board and are a distraction from the safety work that flight attendants and pilots need to focus on to keep the plane flying safely. I explained that there is

at some point, some Airline also Banned Liquor sales on an airplane in hopes of helping to avoid an unruly passenger incident.

Ms Nelson said alcohol could be a big factor contributing to these incidents. said to be

“The less people working on problems and working on them, it means that these small problems that started as small problems can become very big. And in some cases, these violent attacks Flight attendants are being targeted,” Nelson said.

Between January 1, 2022 and December 15, 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration investigated 823 reports of unruly behavior. This is down from 1,099 last year, but significantly higher than in previous years. The annual average from 2015 to 2020 was 131 incidents, according to the company. Federal Aviation Administration.

https://www.mystateline.com/news/flight-attendants-fear-for-safety-amid-unruly-flier-spike/ Flight attendants fear for safety amid surge in unruly passengers

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