Fire at Indonesian oil depot kills 14 Thousands displaced | WGN Radio 720

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A massive fire at a fuel depot in the Indonesian capital on Friday killed at least 14 people, injured dozens and killed thousands of neighbors after it spread to nearby areas. Officials said people were forced to evacuate. .

The fuel storage station, operated by state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, is located near a densely populated area in the 0 Tanah Merah district of North Jakarta. It supplies 25% of Indonesia’s fuel demand.

At least 180 firefighters and 37 fire engines struggled to contain the blaze in nearby areas, fire officials said.

A televised video of the fire shows thick smoke of black and orange flames filling the sky and hundreds of people in the community panicking as firefighters battle the blaze. was

According to Eko Kristiawan, Area Manager of Pertamina, preliminary investigations indicated that the pipeline ruptured during heavy rains and the fire was probably caused by a lightning strike.

He said the fire would not disrupt the country’s fuel supply.

Satriadi Gunawan, head of Jakarta’s fire and rescue department, said people living in residential areas were still being evacuated and were being taken to nearby village halls and mosques.

“The fire caused several explosions and quickly spread to the residence,” Gunawan said.

Army Chief of Staff General Dudun Abdullahman, who visited the scene, said at least 14 people were killed and 42 were hospitalized, some with severe burns. Fire at Indonesian oil depot kills 14 Thousands displaced | WGN Radio 720

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