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FBI cracks Greenwood Mall shooter’s phone, finds Nazi propaganda, suicide note

GREENWOOD, IN — Confession of suicidal thoughts due to Nazi propaganda, suicide note, depression, sexual isolation, mental instability, etc. These were some of the more than 3,000 images and 200 videos the FBI recovered from the cell phones of the Greenwood Park Mall shooters.

The Greenwood Police Department and the city of Greenwood issued a cell phone call on Thursday after cell phones were sent to the FBI following the July 17 shopping mall shooting that claimed the lives of three victims and a shooter. Announced phone survey results.

Jonathan Douglas Sapilman, 20, of Greenwood said, lone shooter At 6 p.m. Sunday, he opened fire with a Sig Sauer M400 semi-automatic rifle at the Greenwood Park Mall food court.

Sapirman has a backpack full of ammunition and may have shot several more shoppers if he hadn’t been shot eight times. by Elisha Dicken. Dicken, who was visiting a mall with his girlfriend, fired at Sapirman from 30 meters away with his legally owned gun.

The FBI reportedly successfully cracked Mr. Sapirman’s cell phone in May 2023 and found 206 videos and 3,458 images. The phone also contained a log of notes, calls, texts, and internet searches.

Many of the photos found on Sapirman’s phone were images of Adolf Hitler and Nazi propaganda, along with pictures of firearms, authorities said. There was also a video showing a mass murder that was described as “very graphic in nature”.

One of the videos was security footage of the September 23, 2016 mall shooting in Burlington, Washington.

An image of a handwritten note taken on April 9, 2020 was also found on the phone, police said. Authorities believe it to be a suicide note written by Sapirman.

In the memo, Mr. Sapirman said he was “putting his final thoughts down on paper.”

“I am a sociopath,” he wrote. “I want to hurt people”

Authorities said Sapirman hinted at killing himself with a shotgun and gave a reason.

“This was the result of my problems: mental instability, depression, frustration and sexual isolation,” he wrote.

Police said the memo was written two years before the Greenwood Park Mall shooting, prompting investigators to “believe that Sapilman’s homicidal and suicidal thoughts were manifested years earlier. there is,” he said.

A note written by Sapirman on June 18, 2022 (about a month before the Mall shooting) was included in a draft of the letter that authorities were planning to send to his brother.

In the memo, Sapirman expressed frustration that his mobile phone was switched off.

“I’m going to shoot myself,” he wrote. He then continued to search for “a way to get over suicide,” according to the phone’s findings.

Police said they found no mention or plot on his cell phone that hinted at an attack on the Greenwood Park Mall.

https://wgntv.com/news/indiana/im-a-sociopath-i-want-to-hurt-people-fbi-cracks-greenwood-mall-shooters-phone-find-nazi-propaganda-suicide-note/ FBI cracks Greenwood Mall shooter’s phone, finds Nazi propaganda, suicide note

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