Father roasted by daughter in sweet Alton obituary

Alton, Illinois (KTVI) – A man’s obituary from Alton, Illinois has received a lot of positive attention online.

Kenne Pluhar, 62, died on his birthday, March 2, 2023. Her daughter Halliea Milner told Nexstar’s KTVI that it took her 45 minutes to write her very honest, touching and hilarious tribute to her father. Many people on Reddit wish there were more obituaries like this.

Kenne Pluhar Jr. Courtesy Halliea Milner

Milner begins his obituary with the following lines:

“Kenny passed away at the age of 62 after 50 years of crap after losing a battle with sepsis in the ICU of St. Anthony. It was tough like SOB, I finally found someone who was meaner and more stubborn than me.”

The obituary continued:

“Card-carrying, Ray-Ban-wearing, camouflage-wearing redneck-loving Kenny had three true loves: hunting, fishing and drinking. I liked As with all Sad Cowboy his songs, he couldn’t keep his marriage going, but that didn’t stop him from trying. again. and again. He had a total of four legal marriages (and divorces) and one de facto marriage under his belt that we know of.

His first marriage, to Tara (Gomez) Berry, gave birth to a one-of-a-kind child (as we know it), Haliaa Milner. As he did, she continued her painful line by giving him his only grandson, Sidney Milner.

complete obbit ran for Alton Telegraph on Mondayand the picture of it is Also shared on the “interesting” subredditThe post received thousands of likes and comments. Many readers commented, “I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. Thank you for posting!!”

“Based on her description, he must have been tickled. Very proud,” wrote another Reddit commenter.

“Most people understood that it came from a place of true love,” Milner said. But one aunt says she doesn’t like it.

“He was widowed by his mother, Connie McKinnon Donelson, whom he called ‘his mother’ until his death. to find it. His father, Kenneth Joseph Pluhar Sr., is still around and has put together all the best ways to be emotionally unavailable and yet overly sensitive. It is a characteristic of a strong family. “

Kenny moved to Alton, Illinois during high school. He lived in the same house he purchased from his parents until his death.

Milner says he grew closer to his father as he grew older. He started getting sick in her January and she moved back to the St. Louis area to spend time with him in the hospital. She was with him when he died.

“He was a charming man,” said Milner. “I loved him dearly. My world wouldn’t be the same without him.”

A party was planned at the Woodriver Moose Lodge on March 24th to mourn Pluhar’s death.

“There’s food and beer you don’t have to pay for (Kenne’s favorite),” reads Obito. I’ll kick you out at 10pm.Save your money.Don’t send anything.In Kenny’s honor, take a trip to the dollar store instead. Father roasted by daughter in sweet Alton obituary

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