Families block ’emergency surgery’ for infants as officials won’t guarantee blood without COVID-19 vaccine

Wellington, New Zealand — New Zealand authorities on Tuesday launched a battle over custody of an infant whose parents have refused life-saving surgery because the blood donor may have been vaccinated COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease)New Zealand health officials have made a bid for emergency custody in the Auckland High Court in a case that has sparked local protests and underscored its efficacy. vaccine misinformation.

The 4-month-old, whose name was withheld by court order, needed “emergency surgery” to cure a heart condition known as pulmonic stenosis, the child’s mother said.

Surgery postponed because baby’s parents don’t want blood transfusion that may have come from a donor Vaccination using mRNA vaccine.

Twitter ends COVID-19 misinformation policy


Health officials denied the parents’ requests for unvaccinated blood. New Zealand Blood Services does not distinguish between donations from people vaccinated or not vaccinated against COVID as there is no additional risk from using vaccinated blood.

Authorities want to take partial custody of the child, leaving non-medical care to the parents, but can proceed.

Health New Zealand said it had applied to the court “with the best interests of the child in mind” after “extensive conversations” with the family.

“We know that parents may be concerned when they have an unwell child and are making decisions about their care,” said Dr Mike Shepherd of New Zealand’s Department of Health in a statement.

About 150 anti-vaccine protesters stepped outside an Oakland courthouse on Tuesday to show their support for their families.

New Zealand’s stringent response to COVID is widespread Considered one of the most successful people in the worldthe country is enjoying a low mortality rate even before the vaccine program was launched.

new zealand-health-virus-protest
People confront police near the Houses of Parliament as they move to clear protesters in Wellington during demonstrations against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions on March 2, 2022 .

Dave Lintotto/AFP/Getty

However, severe travel restrictions, lockdowns and other restrictions have raised concerns about eroding civil liberties and spurred the emergence of small but vocal anti-vaccine and anti-restriction groups. Families block ’emergency surgery’ for infants as officials won’t guarantee blood without COVID-19 vaccine

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