Fake AI Image of ‘Trump Arrested’ Hits the Internet

(The Hill) – A fabricated image of the arrested former President Trump has been circulating on social media as the country prepares for a possible indictment of him this week.

An image created using artificial intelligence software (AI) shows what appears to be a large group of NYPD officers arresting a former president who resists restraint. Some of the images posted on Twitter show Trump being pushed to the ground, while others show him running away from police officers.

The characters in the image are garbled like a police uniform, indicating that it is a fake.

Elliott Higgins, founder and creative director of research collective Bellingcat, said: share These images were posted to Twitter on Monday and have been gaining momentum in recent days.

he explained Tweet He says he used MidJourney V5, an AI software that creates images from written prompts, to form the images.The prompt is that he Already used Created “Donald Trump collapsed during arrest. Fibonacci spiral. News footage” and many of the images posted on Twitter.

Some users retweeted the photo without context, potentially spreading misinformation about Trump’s possible indictment. New York City Police Associated Press No Trump arrests were made on Tuesday.

Higgins told the Associated Press that the images of Trump being arrested “really subtly demonstrated both the good and the bad of Midjourney rendering a real scene,” and one of the images showed Trump in threes. It features legs and a police belt.

“I thought people would [realize] Donald Trump has two legs instead of three, but that doesn’t seem to stop some people from pretending they’re real.

New York grand jury investigating possible indictment of Trump no longer scheduled According to multiple reports, they will meet on Wednesday. A jury was tasked with investigating Trump’s role in hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to cover up alleged relationships between the two.

Trump said over the weekend expected to be arrested This week, he called on his supporters to protest possible charges against him in connection with the investigation. Fake AI Image of ‘Trump Arrested’ Hits the Internet

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