Faith & Blue connects communities and law enforcement

BLOOMINGTON, IL (WMBD) — Faith & Blue takes place nationwide this weekend. The event aims to integrate law enforcement with the local community.

The Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington hosted Normal, Illinois State University and the Bloomington Police Department. People could play basketball or cornhole with the police. Kids were able to explore and take pictures in a police car.

Bloomington Police Chief Jamal Symington said this was an opportunity for the police, community and religious groups to get involved.

“We can be as good as our community, and our safety can be as good as the people who join the police and help us. I don’t want to have any stress or stress,” he said.

Symington said law enforcement is part of the community and welcomes people working together to make areas safer.

Find out more about Faith & Blue here. Faith & Blue connects communities and law enforcement

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