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Dutch Slave Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters | WGN Radio 720

The Hague, Netherlands (AP) β€” First staged at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, a groundbreaking exhibition on Dutch colonial slavery will be shown at the United Nations in New York.

A show titled “Slavery”. As part of the United Nations outreach program on the transatlantic slave trade, from 27 February to 30 March, the Visitor Lobby of the United Nations Headquarters will host the release of ’10 True Stories about Dutch Colonial Slavery’ at the Amsterdam National Assembly. The museum made the announcement on Friday.

β€œIt is very important to recognize the impact that slavery continues to have on world history. We are very grateful to the United Nations for bringing this important topic to our attention through the exhibition,” said Amsterdam. Taco Divitts, director of the National Gallery, said in a statement.

The exhibition at the United Nations is an adaptation of the 2021 show at the Rijksmuseum titled “Slavery,” which explores the personal stories of 10 people, from slave laborers to the wealthy. Told the story of slavery. Amsterdam woman.

The exhibition covers the Dutch colonial period from the 17th to the 19th century, Brazil, Suriname and the Caribbean, as well as South Africa, Asia and the Netherlands.

The Rijksmuseum show capitalizes on the national debate on slavery that gained momentum amid the Black Lives Matter movement that swept the world after the 2020 death of black man George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis Did. In December, Dutch Prime Minister Marc Rutte apologized for the role of the Dutch state in slavery.

The centerpiece of the United Nations Slavery Exhibition is a set of wooden stocks called ‘toronco’, derived from the Portuguese word for tree trunk. This is what a few enslaved people might be bound to by fixing their ankles.

https://wgnradio.com/news/international/ap-dutch-slavery-exhibition-to-open-at-un-headquarters/ Dutch Slave Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters | WGN Radio 720

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