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Divvy unveils new electric scooter with charging dock location, turn signal and more features

Chicago — The next generation of Divvy scooters has arrived in Windy City.

The Chicago Department of Transportation and Lyft introduced a new Divvy docking scooter program on Wednesday.

“Over the past year, Divvy stations have shown the unique ability to cater to residents’ preference for scooters while eliminating sidewalk clutter downtown,” said Caroline Samponaro, Lyft’s vice president of transportation, bike and scooter policy. We have proven that we are ready.”

“Our new scooter is purpose-built for cities like Chicago, taking what we have learned from previous models to make it more reliable and anti-theft, while putting safety and rider experience first. increase.”

The new scooter has several features that improve safety and convenience.

Scooters docked at Divvy stations offer a convenient and predictable experience for riders and an orderly trail for pedestrians.

A new dual handbrake gives riders more control, and turn signals make it easier for riders to let others know their next move without letting go of the handlebars.

The new scooter is equipped with a vision processing system that unlocks a new standard for sidewalk detection accuracy to promote safe scooter use.

The addition of a mobile phone holder allows riders to navigate more safely and identify bike routes with less stress. And with wireless charging, your phone will never run out of battery while riding.

The bigger battery gives you more range and reduces the distance Divvy’s technicians have to travel to replace the battery by 53%.

Divvy stations in the loop will receive the first batch of new and improved electric scooters.

In 2022, Divvy will surpass 6.3 million bike and scooter rides, an increase of more than 60% over 2019 and a record high.

Total micromobility shared trips in Chicago through May this year have increased by more than 11% compared to the first five months of 2022.

Last month, Divvy expanded its service to all 50 boroughs of Chicago, making it the largest regional bike-sharing system in North America.

Divvy is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer in Chicago.

https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/divvy-rolls-out-new-e-scooters-featuring-charging-dock-locations-turn-signals-more-features/ Divvy unveils new electric scooter with charging dock location, turn signal and more features

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