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PHOENIX (AP) — Katie Hobbs took the oath of office on Monday, becoming Arizona’s 24th governor and the first Democrat since 2009.

Power is handed over in a closed ceremony at the State Capitol as Hobbes formally takes over from Republican Doug Ducey. Hobbes and other public inauguration ceremonies for statewide offices are scheduled for Thursday.

Hobbes is a resigning Secretary of State, former state legislator, and top Democrat in the Senate. As governor, she must work with the slightly Republican-dominated House and Senate.

Hobbes is in control of a state with a strong economy and solid financial position, with a large budget surplus projected for the next fiscal year.

But there is a headwind on the horizon. Phoenix boasts one of the highest inflation rates in the country, betraying the state’s reputation for affordability, with rapid population growth outstripping housing construction and housing costs skyrocketing. Also, the drought limits the water supply.

Hobbes narrowly defeated Republican Kari Lake. Kari Lake was a former TV anchor backed by former President Donald Trump. She has been a staunch supporter of Trump, including his lies about the 2020 election, and has roused conservatives with her strong criticism of mask mandates and business closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. has struggled to connect with ordinary voters in Arizona, who have repeatedly shunned Republicans who work closely with Trump dating back to the 2018 midterm elections.

Hobbs becomes the fifth woman to serve as Governor of Arizona. The last Democratic governor was Janet Napolitano, who resigned in January 2009 to become Secretary of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama. She was replaced by Republican Governor Jan Brewer.

The Arizona Constitution requires state officials to take office on the first Monday in January. Hobbes is expected to take office as scheduled, but the ceremony has been postponed because Monday is the New Year holiday.

Also formally taking office on Monday are Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Attorney General Chris Mays, both of whom defeated Trump-backed Republicans, refusing to admit losses in court, Failed. Mays’ 280-vote victory was one of the closest statewide elections in Arizona’s history.

Kimberly Yee will serve a second term as State Treasurer, and Tom Horn will take over as Superintendent of Public Education, having served two terms since 2003. Yi and Horn are Republicans. Democrat Katie Hobbs sworn in as Arizona Governor | WGN Radio 720

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