CTA bus stop crashes, 1 dead, 3 hospitalized

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CHICAGO — One person was killed and three more injured after a car crashed into a CTA bus stop in the Eden Green neighborhood late Sunday morning.

The accident occurred around 11:15 am on Sunday when a vehicle traveling north on Block 7900 of South Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Drive collided with a bus stop at the same location.

A 57-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, and two women and a man were taken to the University of Chicago Hospital, but their injuries and condition are unknown, police said. The two women are 64 and 23 years old, and the man’s age is unknown at this time.

Police said one offender was detained following the incident pending prosecution.

No further information was available as the CPD continues to investigate the incident. CTA bus stop crashes, 1 dead, 3 hospitalized

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