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Couple killed in Yosemite rockslidePark officials identify victims

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Yosemite, California (cron) – A couple from San Jose, CA Rockslide in Yosemite National Park Park officials confirmed to Nexstar’s KRON on Tuesday.

The victims were identified as Georgios Teocharos, 51, and Ming Yang, 35.

The rockslide occurred about half a mile from Yosemite’s Arch Rock Entrance Station. Theocharas and Jan were sitting in their Dodge Ram when the car hit a rock.

Yosemite officials said the rock fell 1,000 feet. They pushed the vehicle off the road and landed on the embankment of the Merced River.

Park officials said the rock slide that affected 500 feet of road involved a total of about 185 tons of rock. The road, known as El Portal Road, closed For the rest of Tuesday, Yosemite officials wrote on Twitter.

https://www.mystateline.com/news/couple-killed-in-yosemite-rockslide-park-officials-identify-victims/ Couple killed in Yosemite rockslidePark officials identify victims

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