Cosori launches a new 26-quart air fryer that takes cooking to the next level



Love the ease of an air fryer but hate the uneven crisp you get from a crowded air fryer basket, plus the mess your food leaves behind? Cosori, the brand behind our bestselling air fryer of 2022 and 2023, just released a new ceramic air fryer. And it pretty much guarantees that you’ll have enough room to fry an entire chicken or make perfectly crispy fries, all without leaving any sticky cooking residue inside the device. 

The Cosori 26-quart ceramic air fryer oven can fit a 12-inch pizza, a five-pound whole chicken, nine pieces of toast, or 12 pounds of turkey. Unlike the current 10-quart Cosori contender, the latest model more than doubles that capacity. Plus, it features 13 cooking functions, while our bestseller is only equipped with 9. 

Other than its stunning volume, what helps make this kitchen gadget unique is its concealed ceramic heating elements. With no exposed heating components, you can wipe the inside of this countertop device clean in seconds. It also features an auto-shutoff function that pauses cooking when the door is opened, and overheat protection that turns the oven off if overheating occurs.



Not only can this Cosori device air fry, it can air roast, air bake and air sous vide. It features functions just for bagels, toast and pizza, as well as functions for baking, broiling, dehydrating, proofing, reheating and warming. In a shocking twist, it won’t take up your entire kitchen counter. The kitchen gadget is only 13.5-inches wide.

The premium air fryer model includes a splatter guard, thermometer, casserole pan, wire rack, sheet tray, roasting rack insert and a fry basket. All accessories are dishwasher safe. 

Why we like this air fryer:

It offers a huge capacity for a variety of food items. It’s equipped with 13 functions, including several dedicated air fryer selections. It’s easier to clean than many air fryer models thanks to its hidden ceramic heating elements. 

The new air fryer oven is also available in a slightly more affordable base model option with 11 functions. It comes with a splatter guard, wire rack, sheet tray, roasting rack insert and fry basket. All accessories are dishwasher safe. 

More top-rated air fryers

Want to see how the Cosori ceramic air fryer oven compares to other top-rated air fryer models? Check out these CBS Essentials bestsellers. We’ve included another model from Cosori as well as popular options from Ninja and Instant. 

Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE (5 quart)


Cosori via Amazon

The bestselling five-quart Cosori air fryer features nine cooking functions that prepare your food at the best temperature and time. It can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees. The non-stick air fryer basket is removable and dishwasher safe. 

“I like the fact that, in addition to the nine pre-set temperatures and times for various foods and tasks, you can also manually adjust times and select a temperature right up to 230℃, which is close to the ‘Max Crisp’ temperature setting offered by one of the leading models in the market,” one Amazon customer says.

Apply the $10 coupon to save even more on the already discounted kitchen gadget. 

Pros: This air fryer can get really hot, really quickly. It offers nine versatile functions. Its basket is dishwasher safe. 

Con: There’s no window to monitor cooking. That can lead to continually opening the basket and letting heat escape.

Ninja AF101 air fryer (4 quart)


Ninja via Amazon

Food science expert Jennifer Pallian highly recommends this four-quart Ninja air fryer. “It’s a great size, affordable for the quality with an effective output and it doesn’t take up too much counter space,” she told CBS Essentials. She’s not the only one who loves this air fryer. Amazon customers gave the kitchen gadget 4.8-stars!

This kitchen gadget can reach up to 400 degrees. It features four cooking programs, including air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. The included basket and crisper plate are both dishwasher safe. 

This Ninja appliance is on sale now at Amazon. Get it for just $100 (regularly $130).

Pros: This expert-recommended air fryer is great for beginners. It also won’t take up much counter space.

Con: It’s basic. If you’re looking for a model that can do it all, this isn’t it.

Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer

Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer

Instant Pot via Amazon

You can save money on this higher-end Instant Pot model. It’s 22% off at Amazon right now.

The Instant Omni Plus is a countertop convection oven that, in true Instant Pot fashion, has a bunch of tricks up its sleeves. (And, yes, we know, the not-a-pot doesn’t have sleeves — just go with it.)  This 10-in-1 appliance can be used to air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, toast and warm. And, as noted, it works as a convection oven and a rotisserie.

“I have to say this air fryer exceeded my expectations and surprised me,” an Amazon customer says. “I love everything about it! The touchscreen, the many options (air fry, broiler, bake, dehydrate, etc) and the window with a light. A LIGHT!!! The operation/touch screen is very intuitive, specially if you’ve had other air fryers.

Pros: This air fryer has a window and like the customer review points out, a light, that makes it easy to see how your meal is progressing. It offers 10 functions and it can work as a convection oven and a rotisserie.

Con: It doesn’t have a basket like a traditional air fryer. 

Instant Vortex Plus (6 quart)


Instant Pot via Amazon

Unlike many traditional air fryers, the Instant Vortex Plus has a window. Instead of opening the air fryer every 10 minutes to see if your food is crisping, watch it get that delicious crunch while it’s air frying without letting all the heat out of your device. 

The Instant Vortex Plus can also roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate food. What’s unique about this device is that it features a progress bar and will display a message when it’s time to add in the food (after pre-heating) or flip it over for maximum crisping. It can reach up to 400 degrees.

“I really like that I can check on my food without disturbing the cooking process,” says CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose. “This machine is easy to use, but I do wish that it had a few more functions or accessories.” 

Pros: We love the little window and that the machine alerts you at all the right times. The basket and tray are dishwasher safe.

Con: It could use a few more bells and whistles to set it apart from all the other air fryers on the market.

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