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Comfortable hotel for sale in Wisconsin may be haunted



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Are you a fan of all things supernatural and too timid? then this hotel Landing on the Humvard, Wisconsin real estate market for $279,900 may have been your guess.

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The property consists of 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms over 5,500 square feet. The residence also has a living quarters of 1,800 square feet.But the Realtor.com listing not only had “multiple reports of supernatural activity from owners and guests,” the hotel also Minnesota ghost hunter group.

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very old and beautiful‘, listing agent Julie Barnab told Realtor.com. “And people have experienced supernatural things there, even the owners.”

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Bahnub, who belongs to Bahnub Realty, LLC, even mentioned a certain surprising thing that happened to the hotel’s current owner.

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“They were sitting at a bar and they had this hanging light and they started moving when they were sitting under it,” Bahnub told Realtor. He sat down and just kept spinning.”

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Outside of the Haunted Hauntings, the building has seen a number of updates, with a host of attractive features such as:

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  • open concept floor plan

  • two living rooms

  • There is a two-car garage

  • new outdoor wood burner

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housing Not so unusual in a supposedly haunted market.like this haunted prison In Florida, it has been listed for sale at $139,990 in 2021.Some have famous bloodlines, just like the houses in horror movies “The Conjuring” It was put up for sale.

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Humbard is about 145 miles northwest of Madison.

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https://www.bnd.com/news/nation-world/national/article265564266.html Comfortable hotel for sale in Wisconsin may be haunted

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