Chicago woman’s dog returned after alleged theft by delivery driver

Chicago (CBS) — A Douglas Park woman is counting her blessings after her dog was stolen from her front yard. Thanks to social media, her best friend is back.

Marisol Dobaldo immediately called the police after her emotional support animal was taken from her front yard by a delivery man.

Worried about his health, she quickly took to social media.

Camera footage shows a delivery man unloading a package at another house two doors away. Then, in another camera footage, the same worker is seen walking with French and her bulldog, Pluto.

stolen dog chicago
French bulldog Pluto was returned to his owner on Saturday.

CBS Chicago

“I immediately called Amazon. Amazon took a detour for hours. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was up all night trying to find him and connect the dots,” Dobaldo said. Told.

When I contacted Amazon and asked to speak with a supervisor, she said she had no response.

She said Pluto is more than just a big family. He is an emotional support animal that helps her with anxiety and depression.

“I was shivering all night like he was gone and my anxiety was out of control,” she said. “There are bad people out there. I don’t know what they will do if they take them.”

Doblado posted a video on Instagram of the suspect leaving with the dog and loading it into her car.

“Pluto just walked up to her and walked into her house because he’s the house dog. He was probably hungry and tired. She took him in and said, ‘Hey, I found this dog.'” She didn’t see my post, but other people saw hers,” said Dobaldo.

And after other people saw both posts, I connected the dots and connected the two.

CBS 2 also reached out to Amazon to see if they were investigating, but received no response. Dorbado said detectives told her on Saturday that her delivery driver had turned himself in.

She is debating whether to press charges. Chicago woman’s dog returned after alleged theft by delivery driver

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