Chicago Immigrant Transfers to Daly College in Ford City

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Sunday, June 4, 2023 10:19 am

Immigrant Family Transfers to SW Side University

Chicago (WLS) — Migrants were seen arriving at Richard J. Daly College on the Southwest Side on Saturday.

ABC7 spoke to several people who said there were several families on campus and a city spokesperson confirmed the university would be a temporary shelter.

Migrants said they were relieved to take a shower for the first time in weeks, even though they had access to enough food and clean bathrooms indoors.

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A few of them arrived around 2:30pm to refresh themselves with a meal in the sun on campus. Off-camera, some migrants said they were grateful for the shelter as they desperately needed jobs and permanent housing.

A woman who has lived near Midway for about 25 years heard about immigrants coming to Daly College and wanted to help. Diane Martinez saw how many of them lived in police stations with their belongings in plastic bags. So on Saturday she brought some suitcases.

“It’s humiliating enough that they’re in a position that no one wants to be here. If there’s something they can do to make them feel more comfortable and welcome, why not? ?” Martinez said.

Immigrant detention at Daly College has also been met with opposition from other residents. Thursday community meeting It fueled the anger of the people living on the southwest side.

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City leaders say it costs a fraction of the cost to house immigrants at universities compared to hotels.

“They’ve struggled. They’ve been through a lot to get here, and it’s just not right to come here and be verbally abused or not welcome at all,” Martinez said. Told.

One immigrant said he was told he would be staying at Daly College for at least a month. The city did not provide a specific date, but said the university could use it until August 1.

The player video above is from an earlier report.

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