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Chicago, Illinois receives $8.5 million in federal immigration grants.Claims up to $191 million

WASHINGTON — The city of Chicago and the state of Illinois will each receive just $4.3 million in new federal funding to help with the growing immigration crisis, according to an announcement Friday.

Cities and states each applied for new federal cash from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program and on Friday allocated $332.5 million in spending to 35 local governments.

The state of Illinois has requested $125 million from this federal funding for the Illinois Department of Human Services.

The City of Chicago has asked FEMA for $38.9 million to $66.7 million to cover meal services, shelter rentals, other housing costs, and equipment to be installed in temporary housing. Rian Johnson, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s deputy director of public affairs, told The Sun Times, “This request is for only a portion of the costs we know can be covered through this particular grant program. ‘, said the overall need is much greater.

The combined aid of just $8.6 million was disappointing, city and state spokespeople said.

The city and state each received $4,301,387.13 as immigrants flowed into Illinois after crossing the Mexican border in Texas and being bussed to Chicago and other cities by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. .

Cities such as Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C., known as Title 42, are preparing for a surge in new arrivals as the COVID-era program to restrict border crossings introduced by the Trump administration expires on May 11. I’m here.

The Sun-Times reported that Gov. JB Pritzker appealed for more federal help when he met with Biden Chief of Staff Jeff Zientz when he was in Washington for a construction workers union conference on April 25. I found out.

FEMA grants were donated to cities, states, tribal groups and charities.

New York City got the biggest chunk, $30.5 million. Considering FEMA’s request was for him $350 million, it’s a bucket drop. The District of Columbia Department of Human Services received her $7.2 million.

FEMA said in a statement that New York won the most inland cities “by a large margin given the difficult circumstances.”

That wasn’t enough for the Biden White House to escape the ire of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, an outspoken critic of how the Biden administration is handling the immigration crisis.

Adams spokesman Fabian Levy said in a statement: “Let’s be clear: this is disappointing and grossly inadequate.”

This contrasts with the much more subdued statement of Pritzker spokesperson Jordan Abdaye.

Johnson’s reaction was also more cautious than his New York City counterpart.

“We are disappointed because we know these funds will not be sufficient to meet the challenges facing the city in responding to this crisis. As such, we will continue to work with our federal partners,” Johnson said.

Asked about funding levels for immigrants bussed to Chicago, a White House spokesman said an additional $360 million in federal funding for emergency immigration care, due to be allocated later this year, is in the pipeline. said to be in line.

FEMA said it was “expected” that New York would “take a significant share again” in its next round of funding.

Like Pritzker, Lightfoot has strong ties to Biden’s White House. Lightfoot’s federal office in DC works closely with the White House and its powerful Office of Management and Budget.

Chicago mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, a paid Chicago Teachers Union employee and Cook County Commissioner (and unaffiliated with Rian Johnson), will be sworn in on May 15.

Brandon Johnson will travel to Washington on Wednesday to face the pressing task of quickly establishing working relationships with Biden’s White House and congressional delegations in Illinois to try and bring more federal money to Chicago. are doing.

Running through the tapes for more federal resources, Lightfoot passes the baton to Johnson, tells of an immigration crisis that seems likely to only get worse, and pressures the new mayor to make it happen.

https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2023/5/5/23713285/chicago-state-of-illinois-get-8-5-million-in-federal-migrant-grants-asked-for-up-to-191-million Chicago, Illinois receives $8.5 million in federal immigration grants.Claims up to $191 million

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