Casten, Pekau rally at same Oak Brook venue as District 6 race tightens

OAK BROOK, Illinois – Four days before election night, the race for the 6th congressional district is finally over.

The battle is between incumbent Illinois Representative Sean Casten, who was flipped from Republican to Democrat in 2018 for the first time in almost 50 years, and Orlando Park Mayor Keith Pekau. However, the situation can be reversed again when the border is redrawn.

Recently, both candidates have received high-profile endorsements.

Last week, Casten attended the Reproductive Health Forum with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On Friday night, Senator Dick Durbin joined Casten at City Hall in Oak Brook.

Down the hallway of the Hyatt Lodge in the same building, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took the podium and handed the stump over to Pekau.

Issues separating Casten and Pekau include abortion, SAFE-T laws, and rising inflation.

Voters and volunteers from both sides attended.

Eric Nelson, who has been on the Republican side of the road with his wife, Lisa, said, “Everyone wants to feel represented, but sometimes they don’t. I would say the support is high.

“We knocked on the door [Pekau] Where it’s supposed to be blue,” said Lisa Nelson. She “found a lot of people saying, ‘You got my vote, you got my vote.'”

Diane Roddy says she’s doing her part for Casten.

“What I love about Sean is that he’s practical. He thinks about using data, and as a retired scientist I do the same,” Rodi said. says.

Pool opens at 6am and closes at 7pm on Tuesdays Casten, Pekau rally at same Oak Brook venue as District 6 race tightens

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