Byron Fire smashes jack-o’-lanterns in style

Byron, Illinois (WTVO) — Once Halloween is over, residents can say goodbye to carved rotten jack-o-lanterns, but why not have some fun at the same time?

Smashing pumpkins is one way to dispose of rotten jack-o-lanterns, but for the Byron Fire Protection District, the “annual pumpkin drop” is meant to bring the community together.

The department teamed up with the Byron Park District to host an annual event on Tuesday night, which has been held annually for over 16 years.

“It just gives the community a place to dispose of the pumpkins the day after Halloween,” said Byron Fire Chief Andy Polich. You can climb to the target there and they will try to attack the target and smash the pumpkin.

Our goal is simple. Hit the bullseye.

“We broke our stuff,” Nyberg’s family said.

Every year families take part in the smashing action.

“We come here every year. We love this event, especially when the weather is nice,” said Nybergs. “We’ve come in rain, snow and cold, but it’s so much fun carving pumpkins and spending the day Halloween gone. And now that we’re moving towards Thanksgiving, You can bring pumpkins. Watch them hit the bullseye, get everyone to cheer them on, and celebrate with them by eating some fun fall treats.

“Yeah, it’s nice to see people coming out, and that’s what makes it worth it,” Polić added. “Working and setting up the event again makes me feel like this was worth doing.”

Residents who missed Tuesday’s Pumpkin Smash will have another chance this Sunday. Rockford’s Discovery Center Museum, 711 N Main Street hosts “Smashing Pumpkins” at 11am. Byron Fire smashes jack-o’-lanterns in style

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