Brian Kohberger refused bail in first Idaho court appearance

(new nation) — Brian Coberger, a 28-year-old criminal justice graduate student, Murdered four University of Idaho students He was denied bail at his first court appearance on Thursday in November.

this is Newly opened probable cause affidavit We detail how police used a combination of DNA evidence at the scene, cell phone records, and a white Hyundai Elantra to identify Coberger.

Coberger, who faced four counts of first-degree murder and felony robbery, appeared before a Rata County Judge in Idaho and had the charges against him read out at the arraignment hearing.

Koberger was speechless and emotionless during the hearing, other than answering “yes” to the judge as each charge was read out.

The victim’s family sat in the front row of the courtroom, silently wiping their tears and weeping as the charges were read.

“The first time the family sees the accused is clearly a moving moment,” said Shannon Gray, a lawyer for the Gonsalves family. “This is the beginning of the criminal justice system and the family has been here for a long time.” I guess.”

The judge then set a status hearing for January 12 at 10:00 am.

of Court records made available Thursday morning revealed the reasons authorities used to obtain a warrant for his arrest.

28 years old PhD Student, Washington State University It arrived in Moscow Wednesday night after flying under armed guards from Pennsylvania. He was then taken to the Lata County Prison in Moscow.

The release of court documents reveals the reasons for Lata County Prosecutor Bill Thompson’s accusations against Coberger in the Nov. 13 stabbings of Cary Gonsalves, Madison Morgen, Xana Carnold, and Ethan Chapin. Answered important questions about how the authorities filed a case against him. .

Koberger was arrested last week at his parents’ home in eastern Pennsylvania and agreed to be extradited to Idaho. He described him as a “normal man”. Lawyers said that after Coberger returns to Idaho, he will be represented by the chief public defender for Kootenay County, Idaho.

he appeared in court on Tuesday where he abandoned extradition, tell the judge that he’s not on any drugs that might affect his decision-making. His mother cried as his sister comforted her.

Moscow police also announced that a Rutter county judge had held oral arguments about the case, barring law enforcement officials and lawyers from speaking about it.

Koberger, meanwhile, appears to have been staying in Pullman, Washington, until the end of the WSU semester. He then drove across the country, escorted by his father, to his parents’ home in Pennsylvania. They were in white Hyundai Elantras.

While driving through Indiana, Coberger pulled twice on the same day — First the Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy, minutes later the Indiana State Police.

A body camera video of the first stop released by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department shows Coberger at the wheel on Dec. 15 with his father in the passenger seat. A warning will appear if you get too close.

Indiana State Police released body camera footage of the second stop. The agency said no information was available to the troopers at the time that would have identified Koberger as a suspect in the murder.

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