Body of Florida man missing since Hurricane Ian found in sunken yacht

Hurricanes cause flesh-eating bacteria

Hurricanes cause flesh-eating bacteria


About four months after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, the body of a man who went missing after the hurricane was found on a sunken yacht off Fort Myers Beach, Lee County officials said. The man’s body was found just days after the same authorities announced they had found the body of her 82-year-old woman, who had gone missing after a storm.

Lee County Official first announced A sunken sailing ship was discovered on Friday afternoon. A dive team discovered a boat named “Good Girl” at Matanza Spas and said 72-year-old James “Denny” Hurst was on the boat when Hurricane Ian hit the state in September. Last known.

On Sunday, county sheriff Carmine Marceno tweeted that the remains had been positively identified as those of Hearst.

Hearst was the last person considered missing in the county after authorities announced last week that they had found the remains of an 82-year-old. Ilonka Kunes Found in mangrove thickets.

Hurst’s nephew, Jeff Hurst, wrote on Facebook that his uncle’s boat was found at low tide in the area. “It was submerged about a tenth of a mile,” he said.

The crew of the Sea Hug Marina in Fort Myers helped clean up after the deadly storm and helped the sheriff’s office locate Hearst. boat. ”

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the body of the last man missing from Hurricane Ian was found on a sunken yacht in Fort Myers.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office/Twitter

“Our staff was able to help the dive team lift the boat out of the water and onto land,” Marina said. Facebook“…if the water wasn’t clear today, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to see the boat. The definition of sacred timing is the belief that everything in your life happens at the exact moment.” I truly believe that today was such a day for everyone involved.”

Before the remains of Hearst and Kneth were found, the Florida coroner’s board said there were 145 confirmed deaths from Hurricane Ian, bringing the total to 147 now. Body of Florida man missing since Hurricane Ian found in sunken yacht

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