Bluebell launches new flavor of ice cream

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Houston (Kia) – Blue Bell Creameries announced Thursday that it will be dropping new flavors in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s the little-known “holiday” national ice cream for breakfast on February 4th.

new flavor me ♥ The cereal tastes like a fruity cereal with added milk. It’s a vanilla ice cream base with confetti sprinkles and fruity cereal sprinkled throughout.

This flavor is available at the grocery store in pint-sized cartons.

Bluebell ice cream is in the frozen aisle. 22 state grocery storesmainly in the south.

The company recently Bringing back another ‘Highly Requested’ flavor, tin roof, limited time. Based on vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and chocolate-coated peanuts, Tinroof was still available in half-gallon sizes as of early February, according to Bluebell.

Brands often release new combinations to coincide with so-called ‘holidays’.released last summer oatmeal cream pie A tub to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

New flavors may be added in the near future. “This year we will be announcing even more delicious surprises,” the company’s sales manager Carl Breed hinted in his press release. Bluebell launches new flavor of ice cream

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