Biden to visit Florida ‘if circumstances allow’ after storm | WGN Radio 720

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden joined the people of Florida on Thursday to join the people of Florida in saying, “Our entire country is on the verge of collapse,” after Hurricane Ian flooded communities across the state, knocking out power and forcing people to shelters. are injured,” he said.

Biden said he would travel to Florida “if conditions allow” to meet with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The president also said he would visit Puerto Rico, a US territory hit by Hurricane Fiona.

“I know a lot of families are hurt,” Biden said at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Washington headquarters, briefed on the federal government’s response efforts. “Our whole country suffers from them”

He urged those affected by Ian to stay safe and take seriously warnings from local authorities to stay indoors.

“Don’t go out unless you have to,” Biden said. “Frankly the danger is real. Please follow all warnings and instructions from emergency authorities.”

A day after Ian made landfall in Florida in one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the United States, the destruction began to take notice. Storms inundated homes on both coasts of the state, blocked the only bridge to a barrier island, destroyed a historic waterfront pier, and cut power to her 2.67 million homes and businesses in Florida. Did. At least one man was confirmed dead.

Biden and DeSantis spoke again Thursday morning.

The president also said he spoke with several Florida mayors on Thursday and conveyed the same message he shared with the governor about the federal government’s commitment to help clean up and rebuild.

“We’re going to do everything we can to provide them with everything they need,” Biden said, adding that their instructions were to call the White House directly about their needs. “They know how to do it.”

Biden also spoke with people in Puerto Rico who are trying to clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Fiona devastated US island territory and Ian hit Florida on Wednesday.

“I am committed to you and the island’s recovery,” he said. “We are not leaving.” Biden to visit Florida ‘if circumstances allow’ after storm | WGN Radio 720

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