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Best Online Ways to Convert JPG to AI 

The JPG is an editable conveniently-sized file that is pretty famous among graphic files. However, for a project it is not always the ideal option. When it is time to utilize a more editable format, think of converting it to an AI. Adobe illustrator which is utilized to make graphics based on the vectors. It stores files in its own format, naming AI, so if you wish to work withAdobe Illustrator, then first you require to convert jpg to ai. There are so many online softwares available and they can speedily convert jpg to ai without any installation on your system to do all that conversion. A list of best online ways to convert jpg to ai is mentioned here in this blog.

Initially, we will explain what jpg and ai file are?

What is a JPG?

The jpg image document is a digital document type from the group of Joint Photographic Experts.JPG is a popular file extension because of manageable size and can be interchangeable with the JPEG and ai image file. It utilizes lossy compression meaning it loses quality as it gets smaller in size. It is very simple to upload, share and download it. 

What is an AI File?

The ai image document is an adobe illustrator file format which utilizes vector graphics. Vector graphics are built utilizing different linked points which have particular indicators to organize image elements and factors. The AI is generally utilized for things like image text placements, brand logos.

How to Convert

The first way to convert jpg to ai is by utilizing the Adobe Illustrator program. This choice is indeed best appropriate for someone with an approach to Illustrator. Inside the Illustrator open the file. Then, select ‘Export’ utilizing ‘File’ then select the desired output format. Then choose ‘Save’. Remember that this option permits modification of the image inside the illustrator as well.

In the next step, if you do not have Adobe Illustrator, you will require a third-party system. Two different types are there. The browser-based system is the first type, which you approach utilizing a web browser. The users who have fast internet access, this method is great for them. The users who have limited hard drive space and who only require to convert a limited number of files, it is also best for them.  Convertio has very fast upload and download speeds and has a simple interface.

Finally, the last method to convert jpg to ai is utilizing a system based converter which you directly install to your computer. The users who have a lot of hard drive space, this option is specifically useful to them as they can save larger files in their system. If someone does not have fast internet speed, it is also great for them as this does not need internet after installation in the system. In the end, it is great for all the users who want to convert many files all at once. 

Why Convert?

The jpg is a primary image file merely that has modifying abilities subject to whichever softwares is able to utilize it. Therefore, bringing it into illustrator permits advanced technical users the chance to produce one even further and modify more effectively. Once all the softwares that comes along with it inside the illustrator is utilized to change the jpg to ai and whatever design user wants to convert in.

Remember that finally, both the files are modifiable. The jpg file is small in size and easy to open. However, ai files are changeable at a much more technical level across the board. Converting makes sense when editing is your number one preference.

Best Online ways to Convert JPG to AI

Part 1: Tools to Convert JPG to AI


Convertio is a website that converts JPG to AI files. Because this is a free online application, so no need to pay for the file conversion. You may browse JPG photos from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL using Convertio. You may convert a file from every supported site into the format you require. To convert a file, pick it, choose AI as the output format, and then press convert.

Online Converting

Another approach for converting JPG to vector files is to use an online converter. Other sorts of files, including as papers, EBooks, audio, video, archives, and so on, are also supported by this converter. Converting online is likewise a free service for all users. The only drawback is that you won’t be capable of converting your JPG/JPEG files without access to the internet because it operates in the browser.

Vector Magic

Vector Magic was created primarily to transform photos to vector forms. The website is free to use, however the free edition has a lot of limitations. If you’re a professional who frequently needs to convert jpg to AI or other vector formats, the best option is to purchase one of the website’s subscription plans. In the premium version, you will not be bothered by advertisements and will be able to work without restriction.

Files Conversion

The Files Conversion application server is also a highly sophisticated website that allows you to convert many file formats online. This website can convert video, music, EBooks, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and a variety of other file kinds. This is a free online converter that works in your browser. To get your JPG files converted to AI, first go to the website and then browse your computer for the JPG image. Finally, select AI as the output format and press the convert button. It will convert your file in a few minutes and you will be able to download it to your computer.

Auto Tracer

The Auto Tracer website also has a free online JPG to AI converter that allows you to convert JPG photographs to AI format. It is available for free, but there are certain restrictions. On the website, you may only submit images that are up to 6 MB in size and have a maximum resolution of 5000 × 5000 pixels. Furthermore, this website only accepts the file formats jpeg, JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Part 2: More Information About AI

1. What is an AI?

Adobe Systems uses and creates the AI file format, which is a graphics file format. Adobe Illustrator is abbreviated as AI. Because they are lossless, these files are quite large. These files may be readily zoomed to any size because there is no quality degradation when zooming. Artificial intelligence (AI) pictures are mostly employed in the printing and logo design industries.

2. How to open AI documents on Mac and Windows?

Using the CorelDRAW programme, you can open files on both Windows and Mac systems. Make sure to utilise the program’s Windows and Mac versions, depending on your operating system. By following the methods below, you may open AI files on your computer. These instructions work on both Mac and Windows.

You need to follow the following steps to open AI files in Coreldraw:

1- Open CorelDRAW on your computer and select “File > Open.”

2- In the box, explore your computer for files and then pick one to open.

What are the most simple ways to convert jpg to ai?

You may convert a PNG or JPG to AI file in numerous methods. We’ll show you how to accomplish it in this blog. We also list the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Two Methods to Convert a JPG to AI File

In a nutshell, you have two choices:

1- Make it happen on your own.

2- Get it done.

Method 1: Converting a JPG to AI by Yourself though JPG to AI Converter

You may accomplish this in two ways:

1- With the help of a programme.

2- With the help of an internet converter.

Converting with a program

Adobe Illustrator is a popular tool for converting files to AI.

You may convert not only JPG and PNG files to AI, but also PDF, DWG, DXF, CDR, GIF, JPEG, DOCX (Word), and PSD files.

This application is also used to convert logos, images, and family crests to AI.

What is the best way to convert yourself?

In a nutshell, here is how it works:

  1. In Illustrator, open the JPG, PNG, or other file type (see list above).
  2. Hand-trace the picture. This entails tracing each form in the image and then colouring it in.
  3. Make a copy of the file and save it as an AI file.

It’s worth noting that the second step is crucial. If you don’t, all you’re doing is altering the file type. The most crucial aspect of the image, its structure, remains unchanged. It will continue to be in pixels rather than vectors (essential for a good AI file).

Advantages of Using a Program

  • The end product is fantastic.
  • You can make changes to the AI yourself.

The disadvantages of utilising a software

  • Converting a JPG to AI takes (a long) time.
  • Before you can convert a file to AI, you must first understand how to use Illustrator.
  • Adobe Illustrator is not cheap.

Using an Online Converter to Convert

On the Internet, you may discover various websites that will convert a JPG to an AI file. It’s only a question of uploading the AI file, waiting a few moments, and then downloading it. This sounds appealing. Unfortunately, it is not without flaws.

The Drawbacks of an Online Converter

  • The end outcome is frequently unsatisfactory. 
  • The lines aren’t clean, as you can see in the logo above. 
  • The words and little man are both angular. Even a letter has gone missing.
  • It is not always free; you may be required to purchase a paid monthly subscription.
  • You must first create a user account.

The advantages of using an online converter are numerous.

  • Our experts prepared the sample below as a point of reference. The lines are clean, as you can see. The man is crisp and complete, as is the text. This is the distinction between an Online Converter (Vector Magic) and the ViaVector specialists.

Method 2: Having your PNG or JPG Converted into an AI File

Don’t want to mess around with Illustrator or Online Converters? You may also hire us to convert your files for you. We can assist you with this in a timely and professional manner.

Advantages of ViaVector

  • Professionals will transform your vector. As a result, there is always a positive outcome.
  • Within 24 hours, the project will be completed.
  • Is a little tweak required? Do you want to change the color of anything or remove some text? Please let us know; we would be pleased to assist you.
  • There are several variants. For instance, there’s a colorful and a black-and-white version.
  • The site allows for simple ordering and payment.

ViaVector’s disadvantages

  • Our prices are greater than those offered by online converters (our rates).

Without Illustrator, how can I make an AI file?

The open-source Inkscape is the most well-known free Illustrator replacement. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Inkscape has the ability to open AI files directly. Because drag-and-drop isn’t supported, you’ll have to go to File > Open and then choose the document from your hard drive.

What is the best way to convert a picture to AI?

In Illustrator, open the file. Select ‘Export’ from the ‘File’ menu, then choose the appropriate format. Then choose ‘Save’. Keep in mind that this option also allows you to alter the picture within Illustrator.


These are some of the most useful websites for converting JPG to AI or AI to JPG for free. If you’re working with vector graphics software, you’ll need to convert your files to AI format first, and these online resources will assist you greatly in getting the job done. These sites are free, but you must have a decent internet connection to use them. That concludes our discussion.

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