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Microsoft Urges Transition to New Outlook for Windows by July or August to Ensure Email Continuity

Last September, Microsoft rolled out the New Outlook for Windows, which has faced some criticism regarding privacy, user choice, and overall user experience.

Despite these concerns, Microsoft provided guidance earlier this year in March for enterprises and organizations, outlining a timeline for upcoming changes.

Recently, a detailed post in the Microsoft 365 message center outlined plans for retiring legacy Outlook clients and outdated web browsers. The phase-out is scheduled to commence in July and August 2024, continuing through October.

Starting in mid-July 2024, outdated versions of Outlook clients on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Mail and Calendar applications will be retired, affecting users with older versions. By mid-August, users accessing Outlook on the web with outdated browsers will encounter errors and will need to update to continue using the service.

Specifically, organizations using vanity domains will see reduced functionality for users on certain client versions:

  • Outlook for iOS versions prior to 4.2411
  • Outlook for Android versions before 4.2342
  • Outlook for Mac versions older than 16.73
  • Windows Mail and Calendar applications

Microsoft encourages users to transition to the new Outlook for Windows and update to the latest versions of Outlook on iOS, Android, and Mac. Ongoing development efforts and enhanced security will focus on these updated platforms.

For Outlook on the web and Outlook.com, starting in mid-August 2024:

  • Users on older browsers will receive an error page and will be prompted to upgrade to newer browser versions.
  • Supported browsers include Microsoft Edge (new and legacy), Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The light version of Outlook on the web will also be retired.

Additional details in the post specify the phased rollout plan:

  • Mid-July to late September 2024: Transition for Outlook clients (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows Mail, and Calendar)
  • Mid-August to late October 2024: Transition for Outlook on the web

Impact on organizations includes the discontinuation of support for legacy Outlook clients and potential limitations on email functionality for affected users.

To prepare for these changes, Microsoft advises upgrading to the latest Outlook client versions for enhanced features and security protections.

For more information, visit the Microsoft 365 admin website (reported by Borncity, but not an official Microsoft site).

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