Be aware of weather effects after storm hits California

California gets hit hard by more rain on the way

California continues to take a beating from atmospheric rivers colliding on the west coast, away from the waters of the North Pacific. Heavy rain well in excess of 5 inches in many areas and several feet of snow in the Sierra. Weather producing a low pressure impulse out of the Pacific continues Tuesday, Thursday through Friday, and then Saturday through Sunday again.

The impulse that hit the West Coast heads east over the Rocky Mountains. The impulse driving the current storm will bring cloudy weather Tuesday night through Wednesday, light snow on Thursday, and rain early next week.

There is a chance of snow on Thursday

A low on Wednesday is expected to move east from the central plains and track the Ohio River valley on Thursday. The track is expected to bring light rain to the Chicago area on Wednesday night, with possible snow on Thursday. is needed. That’s because the upper impulse hits the California coast first and ripples across the Rocky Mountains before triggering a low pressure over the plains with subsequent movement. and strengthen. stay tuned!

Sunday – Sunnyst day in Chicago since the last day of 2022

The last 5 weeks have been pretty cloudy… 17 days of 0% sunshine in Chicago in December, and 5 more days in January. On a straight day with overcast skies (including O’Hare Airport), the Sun appeared over central and southern Chicago. Veteran meteorologist Frank’s sun sensor near Wachowski’s Midway Airport recorded his 38% of possible sunshine. The last time he measured was his December 31st and he received 36%. So far in January he has received only 7% of the available sunshine. Be aware of weather effects after storm hits California

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