Aldo, 14th district.Ed Burke won’t run for re-election

CHICAGO β€” After more than 53 years as an alderman in the city’s 14th Ward, Ed Burke has decided not to seek re-election.

Chicago’s longest serving alderman Indicted in 2019 on federal racketeering and racketeering charges β€” and after last year’s raid on his office by the FBI β€” Burke was ousted from his position as chairman of Chicago’s finance committee. Burke is scheduled to go on trial sometime next year.

“The court filings show that there is a lot of evidence that will be presented at the trial next November,” said WGN political analyst Paul Risneck. β€œIt will take months to get over it all. It would have been impractical for him.

Burke did not file a nomination petition to run for office again, but two others – Jail Gutierrez and Raul Reyes – did in the 14th District.

WGN News was unable to reach Burke for comment. Aldo, 14th district.Ed Burke won’t run for re-election

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