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Alderman calls crew to cut tree branches in Gage Park after homeowner refuses to take down noose

On Monday, two aldermen called city officials to cut down a tree branch in front of Gage Park after the owner refused to take down a noose believed to be left over from a Halloween display. .

Aldo, standing in front of the tree while the crew worked. Stephanie Coleman (16th) said it didn’t matter why the noose was hung from a branch, since people still saw the noose as a symbol of racism from the time of the lynching.

“We will not tolerate ignorance, racism and fear in this beautiful city we call Chicago, especially in the Gage Park community where we are a melting pot of blacks and browns,” Coleman said. I was.

Aldermen said they received an email complaining about it on Saturday and contacted the property owner on the 5800 block on South Artesian Avenue.

They told her that the rope was part of a Halloween exhibit and that friends “joked that it looked like the rope we hang people from.”

When the homeowner wouldn’t let the rope down, Coleman said he contacted police and the Department of Streets Sanitation.

She was joined by Aldo. Raymond Lopez (No. 15) claimed that nooses are “not a joke, a prank, or a Halloween decoration.”

“And you laugh and say, ‘I know what this is going to be used for. We know it evokes images in people,’ and you’re still putting it up,” he said. “You’re not just an idiot.”

Coleman and Lopez said they will call the city’s Human Relations Commission to start discussions among neighbors about what the noose represents.

Lopez told The Sun-Times, “It was only 50 years ago that crosses were still burning, windows were being smashed, and African-American communities were being routinely evicted in this area alone. “If I had worked here, I would have run through before sunset.”

“Otherwise they will be hung,” added Coleman.

April Bailey stood watching the workers. She said she was not a resident who contacted Coleman, but she was disturbed when she saw a noose while touring the apartment.

“It’s been my history and I’ve seen my people hanging, and of course it worries me,” Bailey said.

A neighbor on the block told The Sun-Times that it was understandable for people to think the ropes resembled ropes, but they were actually used to hold the neighborhood’s tire swings, she said.

Chiquata Winfrey has lived in the city for seven years and has no racial issues. She said the swing had been there for years and the weather likely caused the tires to go down.

“I could understand what the alderman was trying to do,” she said. “But come here and say that this is a neighborhood issue and everyone is upset. We’ve been here for three years and the kids swing with it. This is a good weather Sometimes it’s the summer when they’re out of school. What are they doing now? Should they be doing it?”

Aldo. Raymond Lopez (No. 15) is a city employee holding a rope cut from his 5800 South Artesian Avenue tree.

https://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/1/9/23547146/alderpersons-crews-cut-down-branches-tree-gage-park-homeowner-refused-to-take-down-noose Alderman calls crew to cut tree branches in Gage Park after homeowner refuses to take down noose

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