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Airport strikes lead to cancellations in Berlin, Hamburg | WGN Radio 720

BERLIN (AP) — Workers at airports in Berlin and Hamburg went on strike on Monday amid a dispute over pay increases, leading to flight cancellations in both German cities.

In Berlin, all outgoing flights and 70 out of 240 incoming flights have been canceled, German news agency dpa reported. Hamburg’s airport announced early in the morning that 31 out of 160 departures had been canceled due to a strike just announced by the trade union ver.di.

The strike was supposed to start at 3:30 am and last until midnight.

Unions want to put pressure on employers who are negotiating bonuses and overtime pay rules for special hours such as weekends.

The union has staged frequent strikes over recent months to hit local transportation, hospitals and other public services and highlight their demands.

Over the weekend, German government officials and trade unions reached an agreement on wages for more than 2.5 million public sector workers, ending a long dispute and avoiding a possible devastating all-out strike. However, that contract did not include airport employees.

https://wgnradio.com/news/business-news/airport-strikes-lead-to-cancellations-in-berlin-hamburg/ Airport strikes lead to cancellations in Berlin, Hamburg | WGN Radio 720

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