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‘Act Like You’re My Mom’: 10-Year-Old Boy Escapes Potential Kidnapping

Potstown, Pen. (WTVO) — A quick-witted 10-year-old boy managed to escape a woman who was trying to seduce him by asking another woman to pretend to be his mother.

according to WPVIwhile Sammy Green was walking home from school, a woman started chasing him.

According to his father, Sam Greene, the woman “began walking with him and asking where his family was and where his father was.”

The woman reportedly told Sammy that she knew his family and that he was to come with her.

“She said, ‘I’m going to Wawa, are you going there? What are you getting from Wawa? Where’s your family?'” Sammy said. CBS news.

Instead, Sammy went to a nearby store, went to Hannah Daniels, a 17-year-old cashier, and whispered, “You act like my mom, this woman is following me.”

The encounter was recorded on the store’s surveillance system. in the video, you can watch the cashier quietly go to the door and lock it. The woman then leaves.

The woman was later identified and referred to a mental health facility, police said.

“Think of all the scenarios and make sure the kids understand them and act on them,” Greene told CBS. ”

https://www.mystateline.com/news/act-like-youre-my-mom-10-year-old-boy-escapes-potential-kidnapping/ ‘Act Like You’re My Mom’: 10-Year-Old Boy Escapes Potential Kidnapping

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