Abortion, Crime Expected To Be Hot Topics In Governor Debate

Normal, Illinois (WMBD) — The first debate between two candidates for Illinois governor will air on WMBD and parent company Nexstar’s new Illinois station.

Thursday night’s showdown between current Gov. JB Pritzker and state Sen. Darren Bailey hopes to give voters a clearer understanding of their positions on various topics. . Dr. Megan Leonard, a professor of political science at Illinois State University, said it gives college students a chance to participate as citizens.

“Whoever wins this race will have a huge impact on the 18- to 22-year-olds on campus,” Leonard said.

The showdown takes place on Thursdays at 7pm at the Braden Auditorium. Tickets are sold out and full seats are expected.

Students can attend campus-sponsored watch parties at the Bone Student Center or watch from home, Leonard said. Either way, she encourages her students to see the “once in a lifetime” moment of a debate of this magnitude at Normal.

“They have very different proposals for policy and what to do as governor. Really, you can’t underestimate this kind of opportunity for students,” Leonard said.

Pritzker and Bailey have clear disagreements about abortion, the Illinois economy, and crime.

“The SAFE-T Act, which modifies bail in Illinois, will be a big part of what Senator Bailey is trying to tell his supporters and even those on the fence to score points,” Leonard said. rice field.

After winning the primary in June, the two have attacked each other on social media and various TV ads.

“Unlike campaign advertising, which can be fabricated and distorted, there are issues and counterarguments when you’re on stage,” said Tali Renner, a professor of political science at Wesleyan University in Illinois.

Renner, who has been a professor of political science at the IWU since 1994, said it was rare for an argument to change its position in the polls. Pritzker now has a big advantage over Bailey.

“All national forecasters call it a safe Democratic seat. Depending on which poll you use, he’s 12 or 19 points ahead,” Renner said said.

Renner added that it will be the first time voters will be able to see how both candidates will perform under the pressure of being questioned and having to answer live audiences.

“And I myself have had so many arguments over the years, I can tell you, you definitely feel it and you can think quickly and on your own feet. You have to,” Renner said.

Renner also believes Pritzker’s response to COVID-19 could become a high-profile issue.

The debate will be broadcast live on WMBD with live updates day and night. Abortion, Crime Expected To Be Hot Topics In Governor Debate

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