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A woman destroys a $42,000 Jeff Koons balloon dog sculpture at an art fair in Florida.

Miami (WFLA) — A woman attending an art fair in Miami made a fiasco by smashing sculptures worth tens of thousands of dollars, according to reports.

The Miami Herald reported A woman who attended Art Wynwood’s VIP preview event smashed a $42,000 porcelain sculpture by artist Jeff Koons on Thursday.

The sculpture in question was an electric blue balloon dog that was part of the artist’s collection of balloon dogs.

According to artist Steven Gamson, who is a fan of Koons, who told the Herald, a woman said to be an art collector tapped the sculpture, knocking it off its pedestal and shattering it into pieces.

A video of the aftermath showed people gathered around the debris.

“Oh my God, this is exciting!” A woman’s voice is heard. “You can see that this is a new art installation, because everything is art.”

“I can’t believe someone would flip it over,” said the man.

Luckily for her, the gallery didn’t ask her to pay for the $42,000 sculpture. The art advisor said the artwork is insured.

Even if it’s broken into pieces, it can still have a lot of value. Advisors told the Herald that Gamson offered to purchase the balloon dog’s remains on the spot for $15 million.

While some Balloon Dogs have sold for around $11,000, Koons’ largest ‘Balloon Dog’ is one of the most expensive works of art sold by a living artist. That version of the balloon dog sculpture he sold for over $58 million in 2013. multiple according to art.

https://wgntv.com/news/woman-accidentally-breaks-42k-balloon-dog-sculpture-at-florida-art-fair/ A woman destroys a $42,000 Jeff Koons balloon dog sculpture at an art fair in Florida.

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