A moose chases a man up a tree and waits for him to come down

Screengrab from Dave Meredith on Facebook

A moose chased a man up a tree in Canada, and the man filmed everything from the safety of his limbs.

Alberta’s Dave Meredith posted three clips of the encounter on Tuesday, January 3, with simple captions on his Facebook page.moose attack

The first clip opens with a moose looking up at Meredith from the ground.

“He just put me on a tree,” Meredith says in the clip. The elk looks annoyed and begins raking its antlers along the tree branches. “What are you doing now, Tsubomi?” Meredith asks the moose.

In the next clip, a moose lunges back and forth under a tree and begins to moan. It’s as if he’s beckoning Meredith to come down and face him. Meredith quickly grunts back at him.

In the third clip, the moose snorts and then paws and lunges up to the base of the tree, trying to get as close to Meredith as possible. Meredith yells “Get!” to the elk. And eventually he charges around the lake.

“I thought so,” Meredith said before climbing down from the tree.

of The whole thing lasted 10-15 minutesMeredith told RD News Now.

He used his antlers to rumble trees and groan and tread on snow. It’s basically showing off,” Meredith told the outlet. “It was incredible to tell you the truth.”

Meredith was out for an evening walk when she spotted a moose. hid behind a tree for better visibilityCTV News reported.

But then a moose spotted him and charged him, causing Meredith to run up a tree, the station reported.

“He was moaning and, uh, was going to trample me over the look of things,” Meredith told the station. does not justify the

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