A Florida girl stole $10,000 from her grandparents and gave it to her classmates

Tampa, Florida (WFLAA 14-year-old Florida middle school student has reportedly been charged with grand theft after authorities said he stole more than $10,000 from his grandparents and gave it to his classmates.

The girl, a student at Summerfield’s Lake Weir Middle School, handed out several hundred dollars each to several fellow students on Thursday, according to an arrest report.

A Marion County representative responded to the school the same day. School officials also found her $2,500 in the girl’s backpack.

Investigators said the student claimed to have been handed cash by a former student, but was later found to have stolen about $13,500 from his grandmother’s safe.

The girl now faces potential theft charges, the Associated Press repeated.

After the incident, Lake Weir Middle School administrators contacted parents and advised them to discuss the stolen money with their children.

“I want this money back for my grandparents,” said a school official. “If you talk to children and they receive money from students, please turn it over to the school’s resource officer.”

The administrator added that the children who returned the stolen money would not be held responsible.

By Friday, officials had recovered about $700 of the money handed out. The money and her $2,500 recovered from the girl’s backpack were returned to her grandmother.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. A Florida girl stole $10,000 from her grandparents and gave it to her classmates

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