7-Eleven pays $91 million to suburban man who lost both legs in storefront crash

A 57-year-old suburban man will be paid $91 million by a convenience store chain after having his legs amputated after a car crashed in front of a 7-Eleven in Bensenville.

The 2017 crash was one of thousands of similar incidents identified in the discovery of the incident, a collision that frequently resulted in serious injuries, said one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs. said James Power. Note his windfall.

The settlement was approved by a Cook County judge on Monday, the day it went to trial by jury, and is the largest pretrial settlement in a personal injury case in state history.Joseph Power Jr., Larry Rogers Louis Barnes, Jr., also represented the plaintiffs.

“[Carl]was in shock,” Power said, noting that his client was hospitalized for a month after the crash and is now walking with a prosthetic leg. I have experienced the pain of

The case is the first for lawyers to access nearly 15 years of reports from 7-Eleven, which identified about 6,253 head-on store crashes at 7-Eleven stores nationwide, Power said. Data from previous lawsuits against the company showed an additional 1,525 collisions between 1991 and 1996.

Mr. Power said the collision could have been prevented if 7-Eleven had installed bollards (thick posts fixed to the ground) between the storefront and the parking space.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven, which operates approximately 8,000 stores nationwide, said: “We are heartbroken by this tragedy and our thoughts are with Mr Garcia and his loved ones. It is important to note that the incident was caused by a reckless driver pleading guilty and the store complied with all local building codes and ordinances.”

Carl was a regular at the Bensenville shop, walking a few blocks from the apartment he shared with his three sons most days to buy his morning coffee and wait for Carpool to take a job at the food processing plant. said Power.

On the morning of September 20, 2017, Carl’s ride was delayed, so a man parked in the parking space in front of the store hit the accelerator instead of the brake. The car went over the curb and crossed the sidewalk, pinning Carl to the storefront and causing injuries that required the amputation of both legs above the knee. had collided before

“There is evidence that 7-Eleven was being sued in incidents of this sort going back to 1990,” Power said, adding that the total number of storefront crashes identified in the incident, on average, was 100% when the car was in a 7-Eleven. I pointed out that it shows that I collided with Eleven. Please keep it about once a day.

“They said they weren’t tracking the crashes, but the idea that no one knew about them is a bit unbelievable,” Power said. 7-Eleven pays $91 million to suburban man who lost both legs in storefront crash

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